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Ash Wednesday Reflections 

There are two online reflections which are still available to view.
Starting Lent: A New Commitment’ with Revd James Ashton 

'A Kinder Ash Wednesday' with Revd Anna. A time of quiet, gentle reflection and prayer, as we begin Lent.  If possible, please have some hand cream or olive oil at the ready!  

Tread Lightly - Lent Challenge

Are you like me?  You hear that the climate is in crisis.  You know you should do more.  But somehow other things take over?  This Lent I invite you to come together as the St John's family and encourage one another to care for God's creation and our neighbours across the world.  Did you know that the richest 10% of the world's population produce 50% of carbon emissions?  And the 'poorer' 50% produce only 7%.  Yet it is the poorest who are worse affected by the changing climate which affects homes and livelihoods.  Climate Justice invites us to stand in solidarity with the poorest and do what we can to save our shared home, this beautiful planet.
So each week in Lent I'm going to set you a specific challenge as an individual, couple or family, to tread more lightly on this precious earth with a challenge to pray too.  Then each Sunday you are invited, if you wish, to join others via zoom at 10.30am, to chat about how the challenge has gone and spur each other on, (as well as enjoy a catch up).  
I think coming together in this way will be fantastic!  But there are other options too such as joining Christians from other churches in a local group (link) or taking the daily #LiveLent challenge here (, or email for a booklet.
As Christians we are stewards of God's earth.  Please try and do something new to care for creation this Lent and if you can please join me in the St John's Tread Lightly Challenge.  

This Week's Challenge  

It's great to hear that some of you have taken up the Tread Lightly Lent Challenge and it was good to hear how it's been going on Sunday's Zoom at 10.30am.  
Here is a sheet of cards (Click Here) to print and place near each tap in your house just to help everyone realise just how much water we use.  By the end of the week is there at least one way you can resolve to use less water?  
In addition, how we use our money affects water: Are there chemicals in the shampoo and cleaning products we buy?  What 'virtual' water is used to grow, rear, or make our food and clothing? Do we donate to charities to ensure everyone's basic human right to water is met.  Is there a change you could make here too?  
A drop in the ocean?  Remember many drops make an ocean!

To Get You (And Your Children) Thinking:
- An excellent 2 minute film which explains why water is scarce on our 'blue' planet 
- Wateraid's 2 minute film to help all ages appreciate what it's like to not have water on tap    
- Finally, our very own Monica Fenton's 2 minute thoughtful reflection on our Lent Calendar that gives us a faith perspective 


Good luck with this week's challenge!

Lent Talks

Our Faith and Life Lent Talks, which were postponed last year, will now be taking place via Zoom, please see below for further details. For those on our weekly email list you will have received Zoom login details, any issues please contact

Faith and Life Talks 2021 v3

Planning your Visit