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Caring for You


Pastoral Care

Whenever you need someone to talk to, whether what is on your mind is great or small, St John's Church has priests and others trained in pastoral care who are available to listen and support you or someone you care about. To find out more, please contact Revd Anna Eltringham on 01883 712674 or the Parish Office:   


Prayer can bring help and comfort.  In prayer we turn our hearts towards God, so God can draw close to us.  It may involve words or quiet, stillness or movement.  You can pray with others or alone; outside or inside; seated or active.  Anybody can pray anytime, anywhere.  God is always listening.

The Lord's Prayer is a good place to start.  Say it slowly, really think about the words, perhaps hold your palms open.   A candle can help calm us and focus our minds on God's peace, light and life - there are candles you can light at St John's too.  Then your prayers may take you elsewhere as you notice things around you to be grateful for and hear what God 'speaks' to you in creation or the words of a friend.
You can choose to pray at a regular time each day and include prayers about those in need in our community and our world.  To do so you can use the Church of England's Daily Prayer. 

If you would like someone to pray for you or a situation you are concerned about, we have a Prayer Chain at St John's. Prayer requests are passed down the chain of 18 people who promise to pray confidentially for the needs of others. Please call 01883 712845 to find out more.



Planning your Visit