Pastoral Care and Prayer

Pastoral Care 

There are several people available who can provide pastoral care including our clergy and Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary. If you would like one of them to visit you or are aware of any situations in which they could offer support please let them know (contact details below)



Rev’d Anna Eltringham 01883 712674

Rev’d Professor Mary Seller 01883 715675

South Pastoral Auxiliary:

Monica Fenton 01883 715769


Cathy Booth 01883 715748

Chris Johns 01883 713690

Church Office Email:


Prayer Calendar 

Prayer Calendar (PDF)

Image of Praying Hands

Committed Giving (PDF)


Use these lists with the weekly Pewsheet (daily events and the sick and needy) and your newspaper (international issues).

Be patient and persevering - set aside time when you will pray, as well as the regular intimacy you will seek with God throughout the day.

Personalise the praying i.e. when you pray for a particular road, actually remember by name any people you know living there, remember that people matter more than things!

Never tell God what he should be doing, especially if you are not prepared for him to tell you what you should be doing!

Remember to say 'Thank you' because praying should always make us aware of God's goodness.



St John's Prayer Chain

Did you know there is a Prayer Chain at St John's?

Our 18 members are informed of people who have asked to be prayed for, for whatever reason, and their names are passed down the chain by phone.

All information is confidential.

If you would like to be part of the Chain or would value prayer for yourself or your family, or alternatively know of someone who is ill or going through a bad time, please ring 01883 712845 to find out more.

We often receive grateful thanks from those who find this of great comfort and would be glad to hear from you.

'.........pray for one another.....'     James 5:16