About Us

We exist to Welcome everyone, deepen Faith, inspire action and share God's love, friendship and healing.

St John's church was first open for business just over 100 years ago in 1913.  Then, sheep and cows from neighbouring farms sometimes found their way onto the church path and had to be shooed away from the door!   Now the Parish of St John's Hurst Green, while still semi-rural, is home to nearly 7,500 people.

St John's has always been a vibrant and active church.  Outreach has included the birth of the Hurst Green Fair which continues every summer to this day; Hurst Green News, a monthly newsletter delivered to every home; community activities such as 'Aggies on the Green' cafe every Wednesday; monthly Children's Church and Art Group and the newly developed tri-yearly 'Make, do and BBQ' youth events for 8-12 year olds to name but a few.  The church has strong children's groups on Sundays and a confident liturgical tradition, while more informal services are enjoyed too such as the monthly all-age.

But to remain active and vibrant, we must not stand still.  Recently the people of St John's have agreed the following vision statement for 2015-20:

1) For children and young people to be actively involved in the life of the church with dedicated activities to nurture them as they grow into disciples of Christ.

2) To welcome people, with dedicated practical and spiritual resources for those new to Church, or just to St John’s.

3) To foster a deeper faith for all including nurture of personal vocation, with courses and groups run for to explore the Christian faith together through bible study, discussion and prayer.

4) To enjoy a greater diversity of worship, including some more modern worship, variation in liturgy and informal, special and guest services

5) To tackle loneliness and isolation in and around Hurst Green, building friendship and support within and beyond the church

But most importantly we are here today, now, in the present moment for any who want to spend time in the presence of God and connect with other like-minded people.  St John's is your church.  We welcome you.  Do come and find out more.