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YoYos Volunteers Needed: 

YoYos (which stands for York Rooms Youngsters) is our very popular baby and toddler group which meets once a week on Wednesdays during term time from 9.15 - 11.15am.  

YoYos is very well attended and deeply appreciated by the mums, dads, grandparents and childminders who bring their little ones along.  It has been even more popular since lockdown and many people have found it a life-line to connect with others like them, especially if they've had difficult times or are new to the area.  Some say it is the most friendly and best structured group they know.  This is testament to our wonderful volunteers for whom this is much more than just giving their time - they also share their kindness, support, wise words and creative skills too and receive so much in return. Let's hear from 3 of them: 

"I have been a helper at Yo Yo's since it began & absolutely love it. I am definitely a people person & love talking to the mums & grannies & watching all the children playing & interacting with  one another. My favourite times are when the children all sit together for their snacks & the story & singing at the end of the morning. This is a much needed group in Hurst Green & long may it continue."

"I have volunteered at yo-yos since it started and it’s been wonderful to see how popular it’s become. I’ve always had one of my children in tow and they’ve loved coming along and being a ‘helper’ for the day. It’s been lovely to give back something to the community and for my daughters to be part of this and show them the benefits of volunteering. They always want to know what craft activity they can help set up and prepare.  I’ve met some great friends from attending as a parent and from helping as a volunteer. Don’t let having little ones in tow put you off volunteering - it’s worked so well for us and my daughters have wonderful memories of their times at yo-yos."

"I help because it brings me joy and I love seeing the children happily mixing and learning to play together and the Mums having the opportunity to connect with each other and make new friends."

However, for YoYos to keep going from September, we are going to need 4 people to come forward as new volunteers in the next few weeks. The commitment is only once a month for 3 hours and often works out less than every month due to school holidays.  There are 3 volunteers in each team who share the tasks and you are never alone.  I really enjoy doing my stint and would encourage you to think seriously about whether you are able to help us keep this valuable group going.  It is such an important part of our outreach and some have even started coming to church through the group.

If you might be in a position to help or would like to have a conversation to find out more, please let me know. Alternatively, if you know someone else who might be interested, please forward this email to them. 

Thank you.

Revd Anna


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